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I’ve killed plants before.
It’s not that I don’t have good intentions; I just forget about them.

“Don’t worry,” he said, when I brought this up.
“It’s a cactus. It doesn’t need much.”

The cactus was charming, like a green spiky ping-pong ball sitting in a little terracotta pot.
The spikes were so small and soft that they felt like fuzz.
I took his present as a show of good faith that he trusted me to take care of something.

Then I went online, and I found this: “A cactus can suffer from overwatering, and may crack...
Death by slow dehydration can also be a problem, because people are too terrified to give
their plants what they need.”

Great. I can’t water it, and I can’t not water it.

Love is a cactus.


Journey of the beloved

"Send the child you love on a journey"


50cm x 50cm
Tusche, Aquarell, Pappe


Größe: 50x70cm
Druck auf 190 g Papier, glänzend

Größe: 50 x70 cm
Druck auf 190g Papier, glänzend


Die Ausstellung in der Zoo Schänke läuft noch bis zum 12.03.2014.

Ich danke allen die da waren und den Abend so wundervoll für mich gemacht haben!

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