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Ihr könnt euch jetzt ein paar Animationen die innerhalb meines Studiums
entsanden sind auf vimeo angucken.


Geschichten von Hühnern und Liebe

 Neue Photos hinzugefügt über Geschichten von Hühnern und Liebe.


Perfect Girl

I hate myself today.
I don’t know what’s happening to me.
I hate my face today.
I think I look so shitty.

I have some sweat everywhere.
I’m not even shaved.
My hair all greasy.
I look disgusting.

My eyes are glued.
My lips are chaffed.
My legs are prickling.
And plus I’m stinky today.

How can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you’re gunna dump me again,
And I am gonna cry.

Cuz you want a perfect girl,
And I’m not what you expected.
You want a perfect girl,
And I look shitty today.




"Rabbitheart" in Cinema now!

Mi. 28 Oktober - 20:00 Uhr - Clubschiene, Münster

Mi. 5 Oktober - 18:00Uhr - Cinema&Kurbelkiste, Münster


Still in Love

A card to my parents for their wedding anniversary! Congrats!